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Sunscreen Roller Blind 10 Percent

Sunscreen roller blinds for UV protection and glare

Sunscreen roller blinds are designed to minimise glare and give maximum UV protection while still allowing light into room. They are available with openness factors of 3%, 5% or 10 %. The higher the openness percentage the better the visibility however you do lose a small percentage of UV protection. Traditionally 5% sunscreens have been the most popular as they have a great all round performance with good visibility and excellent UV protection. The 2% is gaining popularity due to the finer weave so they are a bit more subtle to look at. If you have a need for greater vision then 10% will give this. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WHILE YOU HAVE TOTAL PRIVACY DURING THE DAY, AT NIGHT ANYONE OUTSIDE CAN SEE STRAIGHT IN WHEN LIGHTS ARE ON.

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