How To Order Double Linked Blinds

Double Linked Roller Blinds can be ordered following these steps.

  1. Select Roller Blinds, pick from Plain Blockout, Thermal Roller or Designer Roller
  2. Click the Single Linked Blinds icon, then select the Layout Code that suits
  3. Complete order details and select your fabric, then click Add To Cart
  4. Repeat the above 3 steps for ordering your Sunscreen or Light Filter
  5. Make a note in comments that you require Double Brackets for your Linked Blinds

Essentially you are ordering 2 sets of identical Single Linked Blinds twice - one set Blockout one Set Sunscreen or Light Filter

The comment section is found on the checkout page beneath your address details


  • Blind 1 is always the left-most blind when looking at window
  • "Drive" on our Layout diagrams stands for "chain end"
  • Sizes of each single blind must be equal to the overall width
  • System autofill's the widths of Blinds to equal segments of the overall width, remove sizes and enter your specified sizes
  • Mention the word "Double" in the window location box e.g Lounge Door Double
  • Check you have the frame depth required for a Double Bracket 88mm x 150mm - a 90mm recess gives a flush fit
  • Standard Roll set up is Blockout Blind in top slot Front Roll and Sunscreen or Light Filter in lower slot Back Roll
  • Double Blinds can have both blinds Front Roll (to avoid handles) but Oval Bottom Rails are then recommended
  • Double Rollers look best inside a frame

Measuring Advice Based on Single Linked Blinds Layout 1:

There will be a gap where the blinds meet so make sure to measure to a point that’s the centre of a bar of window joinery.

  1. Using a metal tape measure first accurately measure the overall width and drop.
  2. Measure the first left width to the centre of the joinery that you have chosen to split to. This is the size of Blind 1.
  3. Minus the width of the first section off the overall width, this is the size of Blind 2. Double check with tape measure.
  4. The key is that the individual width sizes when added together are equal the overall size. Do not allow for anything.


  • Linked Blinds don't have to be split directly in half, for example it is common to do 1/3 and 2/3 split
  • Follow the lines of window joinery when deciding where to split your blinds
  • Most Roller Blinds can be made up to 3000mm wide, Linked Blinds are usually for windows over 3000mm wide
  • Always measure the top tight inside width measurement as this is where brackets will be installed
  • Choose the best Layout option for your needs - contact us if you need help deciding
  • We offer personalised advice via email, send us a photo of your window or door and we will help you get the perfect look

Double Bracket Assembly Guide refer to this guide for details on the Double Roller Brackets

Visual Aids:

Double Linked Roller Blinds

Double Brackets

Roll Set Up
Close Up Double RollerClose Up Roll Direction