Roman Blinds Installation

Installing your blinds is really easy with our simple installation guides!


  1. roman blind 1. cordless drill
  2. brackets and screws
  3. child safe (optional)

Step 1

Screw brackets 100mm above top of frame. Space evenly apart

Step 2

Hook track over front of bracket and push towards wall. Track should click into brackets.

Step 3


OPTIONAL: Child Safe's

Child Safes's are small plastic clips that holds the chain in place. They are designed specially to reduce the risk of strangulation on the blinds chain. Child Safe's also provide a neat and tidy look and stop the chain from moving around in a draft if window or door is open where blind is fitted.

To fasten the Child Safe hook the chain around the clip of the Child Safe and position it to the wall.

Make sure the position of the Child Safe will not interfere with the blind once fully wound down. Allow for some slack in the chain so you may still operate the blind easily. Once you are satisfied with the position drill into place.