Allusion® Blinds

Allusion® Blinds

Utilising the Louvolite Slimline Vogue® track system, Allusion® blinds combines the delicacy of voile fabric vanes with the versatility of the rotating vertical mechanism.

Louvolite’s industry leading Slimline Vogue® system is robust and reliable providing superior operation. Made to measure, the system is made of high quality plastic, stainless steel and aluminium with corrosion resistant finishes in dedicated colours.

The carrier trucks are UV stabilised prime plastics used to guard against ultraviolet degradation and the Louvre hanger pairs are manufactured using an optically transparent polycarbonate creating a seamless aesthetic.

The fabric design when tilted allows for various light filtration and can be placed over windows and doors as the individual vanes can be passed through effortlessly. Ideal for commercial spaces featuring large areas of glass, balconies or needing room dividers.

Allusion® is available in the UK, North America and New Zealand only.

All Louvolite Allusion® systems are UK designed and manufactured using prime quality materials and 10 year life cycle tested to ensure top performance in a demanding environment.

Please order free samples before purchasing - this is the only way to ensure you are happy with your colour choice.

Allusion® Blinds are suitable for outside fit only. Not suitable for inside reccess.

  • Great for across doors
  • Perfect space saving option
  • Light Filtering and Blockout options
  • Can only be outside fit,
  • A 2-in-1 product that has daytime and nighttime use by adjusting angle of blades
  • Wand control available
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