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Online Blinds offers Child Safe clips that fasten blind chains securely in a fixed position.

We also offer an improved system with the vertical blinds that uses wand control as opposed to cords.

Romans can be secured with a cord safe.

We are continually looking for ways to keep our product safe and family friendly.

Child Safety is a guideline for improving the way we manufacture and supply blinds to you. Online Blinds is passionate about supplying products that perform to your expectations and give you peace of mind that our blinds are safely operated once in your home.

Therefore we offer Child Safe options such as Child Safe clips for blinds with chain and cord mechanisms. We also supply wand controls on verticals and twist sticks for venetians.

In many countries Child Safety is often imposed by law, so although it is not in New Zealand legislation we still strive to maintain high standards of saftey will all of our blinds.

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