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This refers to the options of fitting the blinds inside the frame or fitting the blind to the outside of the frame. 

Inside: Check your frame depth 

Outside: Check your frame size

PLEASE NOTE: With roller blinds the size you provide us is the bracket to bracket size. The fabric itself is 33mm narrower to allow for the controls.

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Roll Type:
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Roll type refers to the options of front roll or back roll. Traditionally it is standard to roll over the back. Back roll is always recommended on an outside fit.

However, some factors lead to front rolling being the best option e.g. the fabric has a white blockout backing. Or the blinds are being fitted in a bay window or over a door with large handles. 

Front roll: rolling blind fabric over the front of the tube.

Back roll: rolling fabric over the back of the tube.


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Control Side:
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The control is the mechanism that allows the user to operate the blind  in the form of a chain. You must choose what side you would like to operate the blind from, left or right.

Generally as a rule we recommend selecting the side that has easy access for the user. Or the side that is furtherest away from the opening of windows or doors if possible.

The Driven Link option refers specifically to roller blinds being operated by a chain of another blind in the same window at the same time. So for 2 blinds you have the 1 chain. The driven link is a centre bracket that drives the second blind as you pull on the chain of the first blind so they operate in unison. Select Driven Link for the blind that does not have a chain side. 

Control Type:
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This is the mechanism that moves the blind up and down. Standard type is chain operated. The other option is motorized with a selection of motor types available. Please refer to motor options in accessories section for size limits on different motors. If purchasing one blind that is motorized you will need to by a complete motor kit (lithium type or 240v type) any additional blinds can be controlled with the remote supplied in the first kit (up to 5 channels). .

Chain Colour:
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The chain colour refers to the colour of the chain which operates the blind.

We recommend co-ordinating colours work best. For example having the chain, drive unit, bottom rail all the same colour and a colour that compliments the blind fabrics or surrounding features in your home. View colours here

Bottom Rail Colour:
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Vision roller blinds have a tear drop syle bottom rail with an internal roller. Normally this is supplied in the same colour as the cassette.

Cassette Colour:
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The Vision roller blind comes in an aluminium head cassette available in three colours


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